Getting to know us better

We are a technology company that believes in fortifying operational integrity in finance, IoT, and enterprise through well-engineered, business solutions.

We do that by applying the blockchain concept in a new way to concrete business problems that we understand through long experience in financial technology infrastructure.


Our partners disrupt their industry with Keychain

Keychain provides a Decentralized Authentication Platform (tm) that allows clients to solve concrete business problems related to authentication and access control in a way that enhances and integrates cleanly into existing systems and processes. Seamless integration, instead of replacement, is a key advantage to achieving wide adoption of this powerful innovation.

The platform provides a highly robust, tamper-resistant infrastructure on which clients will be able to have the following:

  • Secure transactional messaging over varied networks. For example, FIX, Zengin, or SWIFT
  • Historical digital signature attribution on messages and documents
  • Fast multiparty consensus

We partner with key players in every area: network providers, mobile applications, smart city developers, cloud providers, transportation and physical infrastructure developers.


We increase cybersecurity and reduce costs

Keychain provides specific solutions that increase cybersecurity, reduces infrastructure costs, increases regulatory compliance, and allows new, more efficient operational patterns in finance.

Your organization will use Keychain technology to exchange FIX, SWIFT, and Zengin (and any other protocol) messages at over 5,000 msgs per second and over 1 billion msgs per day.

You will use Keychain to move to cheaper networks for their connectivity to counterparies, reducing their operational network costs by a factor of ten.



Surpasses that of asset and smart-contract blockchains

Keychain, unlike asset and smart-contract blockchain technologies, fits into the current regulatory framework seamlessly, thus is poised to transform several industries today. Keychain allows us to achieve new streamlined and secure operations in the following application areas:

  1. Trade and corporate finance and electronic records of monetary claims
  2. Auditing and regulatory compliance
  3. Smart city and smart car security and data privacy
  4. Email phishing and ransomware protection
  5. End-to-end for VOIP, mobile messaging, biometric data
  6. Online payment authentication
  7. Access control within a corporate intranet